Can Hearing Aids Make Your Hearing Worse?

What The Doctors Say

“Hearing aids will not prevent further hearing loss, however, they make hearing better and also delay the hearing loss degradation,”

- Benjamin Todd Thatcher, DO, CMRO, Chief Medical Officer of Behavior Valley Health, tells WebMD Connect to Care.

Too Much Sound

When used improperly, hearing aids can create more damage. Hearing loss is caused in large amounts by prolonged exposure to loud noises. If your hearing aid is programmed in a way that louder than what you need the end result can lead to a worsening in hearing loss.


Not Enough Sound

Not enough volume leads to cognitive fatigue; our brain working harder. When it is difficult for us to hear our brain works harder to understand what is being said. When we work harder to understand we become mentally drained and have a hard time following conversations and understanding information.

Hearing Helps Your Brain How?

Hearing aids can also benefit the brain. Hearing aids provide the stimulation that our brain needs to process sound. When we have that stimulation

present and audible we assist with making sure that our brain is being stimulated as best it can to prevent or slow down diseases and ailments

like dementia and Alzheimer’s.


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