Hearing Protection

Hearing protection is very important for truck drivers, construction workers, musicians and many more to avoid hearing loss and all other related ailments.

Sounds can harm your hearing when they are too loud, even for a short time. Loud sounds can damage sensitive structures in the ear and cause noise induced hearing loss (NIHL).

“Even if you can’t tell that you are damaging your hearing, you could have trouble hearing in the future, key pointers;  • Not being able to understand other people when they talk, especially on the phone or in a noisy room.


  •  Regardless of how it might affect you, one thing is certain: noise-induced hearing loss is something you can prevent.”


  •  Because the symptoms from noise exposure is usually gradual, you may overlook the signs of hearing loss until they become more obvious.


Source: https://www.nidcd.nih.gov/health/noise-induced-hearing-loss#1

How can we help:

Even if earplugs are worn repeatedly while exposed to noise, they can be ineffective if there is an incomplete seal between the hearing protection and the skin.

At TEMS Hearing, we take earmold impressions, supply and fit custom hearing protection that prevents any gaps between hearing protection and the skin ensuring proper and effective hearing conservation.

Who can be affected by noise induced hearing loss?

Professions that have an increased risk for hearing loss include:

  • Military personnel
  • Construction workers
  • Dentists
  • Musicians
  • Truck drivers
  • Professional swimmers
  • Professions with high noise exposure


Recreational activities that have an increased risk for hearing loss include:

  • Target shooting and hunting
  • Streaming music at a high volume through earbuds or headphones
  • Playing in a band
  • Attending loud concerts


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